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"If you want to forge a beautiful body and a healthy lifestyle, the reality is we must first forge mental toughness. Then those other things we desire follow naturally." - Mark Divine
Hey Folks, 

I want to ask you a few questions: 

Do you notice the world is moving super-fast, and feel like your life is going fast too? 

Are the daily pressures of work or your personal life causing you stress? 

Are you an athlete who pushes yourself but notice mental blocks get in the way of peak performance? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’d like to invite you to join us for a FREE 7 Day ‘Steady Warrior Meditation Challenge’ and increase your tranquility and mental toughness.

With just minutes of practice a day, meditation will help you deal with stressful situations - which is why research shows that many of the world’s top performers meditate.

I personally have a dedicated meditation and Kokoro Yoga practice to compliment my intense physical exercise daily.

This challenge is an excellent way for you to feel happier, calmer, more focused, strengthen your immune system, overall health and more in just minutes a day. 

And after the seven days are complete, you’ll get to enjoy a full week-long trial of the revamped Kokoro Yoga On Demand which spans traditional yoga, martial arts, and functional training.

Hooyah, Mark Divine 

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
Host, The Unbeatable Mind Podcast 
Honor Man (#1-ranked trainee) of SEAL BUD/S class number 170 

Here's How the Challenge Works:
“I think it’s a great practice for trying to ground yourself in the present moment, that’s good for anybody whether you’re an athlete or a warrior. As an athlete, being able to focus amidst distractions and concentrate on a task is extremely important. I find yoga to be a practice that hones those skills.”
Tim Masthay, NFL Punter for the Green Bay Packers
The Steady Warrior Meditation Challenge is FREE to Join
You'll Get All of This:
  •  7 Daily inspirational emails
  •  7 Daily videos with me (Mark Divine), Catherine Divine and Greg Amundson. Videos are approx 15 minutes each and feature concentration, visualization and breathing exercises 
  •  A Facebook LIVE Coaching session with Catherine Divine on day 8 
  •  After the Steady Warrior challenge, you get to try out our completely revamped Kokoro Yoga on Demand for a full week. During this FREE trial, you'll have instant access to hundreds of Kokoro Yoga classes from me, Catherine and our guest teachers, along with more breath, concentration and visualization training to keep on track with your practice. 
  •  Private Facebook Community to share your experience and hear from coaches 
  •  Upon completion, you'll get a Steady Warrior Challenge Badge
  •  BONUS: To help you achieve a state of calm, focus and discipline we are including the talk from master yoga teacher and author of Yoga for Wellness Gary Kraftsow from the 2018 Unbeatable Mind Summit. - Value $250  
If you want to practice staying in the present moment and choose how you want to respond to life with concentration, breathing, and visualization practices that will take just minutes a day, then this is the mission we’re giving you.
Do You Accept? 

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"Mark Divine's specialized techniques truly make him an expert in team building and bringing out the warrior mentality in elite athletes. He's one of the best-kept secrets in sports training. When it comes to mental toughness, resiliency, and integrated development, Mark Divine delivers a complete package that no other coach, mentor, or motivational speaker can match."

Daniel G. Amen, MD, Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
"I really loved doing Kokoro Yoga. It definitely wasn’t something I was expecting but I definitely learned a lot and going through it I feel re-energized. I actually feel like I have more energy than I did before I went through that 2-hour grueling SEALFIT workout, but I loved every minute of it!"

Steve Weatherford, NFL Superbowl Champion with the New York Giants
"As a physician and leader in my field, I have tried many modalities to fine tune my own personal mastery. None have come close or have had nearly the impact that Kokoro Yoga has had in my life. Not only is Kokoro Yoga a physical practice it is one of internal exploration, silence, and personal power.
The skills that I have gained, the experience has impacted my life, my profession as a physician and those closest to me. I recommend this course and teacher training without reservation and would happily do it every year."

Gabrielle Lyon D.O.
“In its updated incarnation, Kokoro Yoga is an integrated class series that’s designed to “rewire” your system, not unlike SEAL training itself. It combines functional fitness, martial arts, and yoga, and emphasizes breathwork, goals visualization, meditation, and positive thinking. Sessions can be moderate (aimed at boosting energy and mental or physical recovery) or intense (for pure fitness or fighting).” 
Yoga Journal
Here are the Highlights...
7 Daily videos with me (Mark Divine), Catherine Divine and Greg Amundson 

A Facebook LIVE Video session with Catherine Divine On Monday, April 1st   
Get ready to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance with Kokoro Yoga. 
You’ll get 7 days of FREE access to Kokoro Yoga On Demand with new pathways designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners and completely upgraded technology and design. 

Kokoro Yoga draws from the authentic yoga teachings, ancient martial arts, along with emotional therapeutic techniques, and leaves the cultural trappings of the past to other disciplines. 

You’ll learn movement, breath, mantra, meditation, and visualization taught from a modern western context. 
BONUS: 2018 Unbeatable Mind Summit Talk By Author of Yoga for Wellness Gary Kraftsow
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